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June 19, 2010

Daniel Bell / Squirrel Bait


A1 Squirrel Bait
B1 Phreak Yo Body
B2 Superminimal

This one pushed my spend on Dan Bell records to a touch above excessive (after purchasing just a couple). Well worth every hard earned penny though. Phreak Yo Body is actually my favourite on this record and just highlights for me the fact that Dan Bell deserves a lot more attention than he gets. Now all I need is Baby Judy and my life will be complete. Better start saving…


champ 12-278

April 2, 2010

Cybersonik / Backlash

Cybersonik / Backlash

A1 Backlash
AA1 Revelation 928
AA2 Lash Out

Richie Hawtin, Dan Bell and John Acquaviva going at it rave style on the Champion issuing of a Plus 8 record. Long decay on the hihat deep whirring bassline and vocal screams to get warehouse walls rattling in the industrial area of any Canadian city. Double A side comes complete with early 90s sci-fi(esque) sampling.

subv 05

March 19, 2010

Subvoice / Vampirella (DBX Remixes)

Subvoice / Vampirella (DBX Remixes)

A1 Vampirella (Motorcityweakedoutfunkdub)
B1 Vampirella (InsanelikeColtranemix)
B2 Vampirella (Phreakapella)

Was planning to post in chronological order of purchase but this just arrived in the post today and has absolutely floored me. I vomited in my mouth with excitement a minimum of 7 times while listening to it just now. InsanelikeColtranemix is, as the name suggests, absolutely insane and Motorcityweakedoutfunkdub is just as out of control. Look out for the handclaps.