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subv 05

March 19, 2010

Subvoice / Vampirella (DBX Remixes)

Subvoice / Vampirella (DBX Remixes)

A1 Vampirella (Motorcityweakedoutfunkdub)
B1 Vampirella (InsanelikeColtranemix)
B2 Vampirella (Phreakapella)

Was planning to post in chronological order of purchase but this just arrived in the post today and has absolutely floored me. I vomited in my mouth with excitement a minimum of 7 times while listening to it just now. InsanelikeColtranemix is, as the name suggests, absolutely insane and Motorcityweakedoutfunkdub is just as out of control. Look out for the handclaps.


play 130

March 17, 2010

Isolee / Hermelin

Isolée / Hermelin

A1 Hermelin
B1 Willy Skipper
B2 Sleazy Bee

Another genius release from Playhouse, Isolée’s brand of click house at its finest. Love the beautiful monotony of the A-side, could listen on repeat for hours without getting bored and would probably hear something new every time round. Added bonus of artwork by Stefan Marx.

skull 007

March 14, 2010

Shackleton / Blood on my Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix)

Shackleton / Blood on my Hands (Ricardo Villalobos’ Apocalypso Now Mix)

A1 Blood on my Hands (Ricardo Villalobos’ Apocalypso Now Mix) Part 1
B1 Blood on my Hands (Ricardo Villalobos’ Apocalypso Now Mix) Part 2

You’d be hard pressed to find anything deeper, darker or more sinister than Villalobos remixing Shackleton. Listen to this on a Funktion One at 10 am in the morning and you will realise that the brown note is much more than a theoretical frequency, it’s a way of life.

play 133

March 14, 2010

Villalobos / Fizheuer Zieheuer

Villalobos / Fizheuer Zieheuer

A1 Fizheuer Zieheuer Pt. 1
B1 Fizheuer Zieheuer Pt. 2

Can’t believe it’s already four years since this was released. Compulsory purchase. Twenty seven minutes and nine seconds of Ricardo taking the build up to the next level. Not to be played without the supervision of a qualified professional.

12 NoMu 35

March 14, 2010

Robotman / Do Da Doo (Remixes)

Robotman / Do Da Doo (Remixes)

A1 Do Da Doo (Plastikman’s Acid House Remix)
B1 Do Da Doo (Exploding Plastic Mix)
B2 Do Da Doo (Drum Dub)

Can’t really go wrong with Richie Hawtin remixing his esteemed contemporary and equal, Richie Hawtin. Initially picked it up for the acid house remix but was treated to a nice surprise when the record arrived in the post and the drum dub turned out to be an absolute gem in its own right. Notch yet another one up for the B-sides.

bford 10

March 14, 2010

baby ford - fetish

A1 Fetish (Mainmix)
B1 Fetish (Eons Alternative Mix)
B2 Fetish (Minimal)

Tad more intense than I usually go in for but this is the record that has kicked off my collection. Bought it for the B-side minimal mix, the cover art, and the Baby Ford name.